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Everything You Need to Know about System Backup

1. When should you create a system backup?

It’s obvious that not all Windows users have realized the importance of creating a full backup of their computer OS.
Here is a list of when to execute this task:

  • Prepare for a new Windows system update
  • The computer becomes slow with the OS running fine
  • The OS starts up slow or shuts down randomly on a failing hard drive
  • Avoid suddenly virus attack
  • Prevent random system errors

The best time for you to create a system backup image is to it as early as you can.
The early you take action, the healthier Windows OS backup you’ll get.

2. Why create a system image?

Speaking of backing up Windows OS, most of you may come up with the idea of creating a system restore point of your system using the System Protection option in Control Panel.
But here, what we are talking about is to create a system backup image by using system backup software.

You may wonder to know why is that. And here we picked 4 top system backup software in the world and make a comparison with System Protection in Control Panel in creating a system backup image. This System Backup Software vs. System Protection table will help you understand better:

Pick the Best System Backup Software

Now you may come up with the idea of how to pick the best system backup software which at least exceeds all the listed criteria in the above table.
Here is a new list for you to refer and learn how to pick the suitable system backup software which means the best to you:

  • System compatibility (Windows OS or macOS)
  • System backup features (System backup, system transfer, etc.)
  • Price (visible online)
  • Refund Policy (Guaranteed and marked clearly)
  • Install size (Not taking too much space on your disk)
  • Customer service (Live Chat, email, etc.)

When you browse online with these criteria, you’ll be able to decide which backup software for imaging OS is the best.