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Integrated terminal and flexible tab layout

Visual Studio now features an integrated terminal experience, with profiles available for Developer PowerShell, Developer Command Prompt, and any available WSL distros. The integrated terminal shares most of its core with the Windows Terminal, which results in a more robust terminal experience, and faster adoption of new functionality.
In addition to managing your document tabs on top of the code editor, you can now manage them in a vertical list on either the left or right side the editor.

What is a Preview?

Visual Studio Preview gives you early access to the latest features and improvements not yet available in the main release. By trying Preview, you can take advantage of new builds and updates that ship on a frequent cadence. For more information on Visual Studio Preview installs, visit our FAQ page.

Please note that the preview version is continuously evolving and certain features may not work as expected. This version is also not licensed to build shipping applications. If you would like to build production application you can access stable release of Visual Studio from our downloads page.

Engage with our community

We believe that to create a great product for you, we should listen to and engage with you in every stage of our development.
As you evaluate what’s next with Visual Studio Preview, report a bug or suggest a feature in our developer community, where you can talk directly to our product engineers. Your feedback empowers us to evolve and ensure the highest quality in our final product.